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Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commerical locksmith services include master key systems, access control, HID Fob Systems, High Security Schlage key systems, and safe sales and service.

Rekey / Master Key

A master key system is a leveled security system that gives specified key holders access to certain locks while not allowing access to others. It consists of several locks that can be operated using several change keys, with one master key that can be used to access all locks in the system.

Panic Bars / Exit Devices

Often times commercial environments require emergency exit devices. Whether you need an emergency exit device serviced or need new hardware, give us a call and we will get you in compliance with fire code fast.

Access Control

We can see the future of security is moving toward access control. While it is a fast moving technology, we are on the cutting edge. Give us a call, we are happy to come out to give you an estimate on what it would cost to get your business set up with an access control system.

High Security Key Systems

We are Schlage Everest Primus high-security key and lock dealer. We can outfit your business or home with high security keys that cannot be duplicated without authorization. We also sell high security Schlage Everest Primus locks that we feel are the best in the world. Give us a call for more information on what it would take to get switched to an Schlage Everest Primus system.

Door Closers

Automatic Door Closers in your business are very important pieces for hardware that are often overlooked. They not only keep climate control expenses down but also provide a great level of security when used in conjunction with automatic locking hardware. Automatic Door Closers also come with a great deal of risk embedded if not installed properly or if poor quality. We make sure that your closers are installed properly.

Safe Service and Repair

Cary Lock and Key Locksmiths are experts in keeping your valuables safe and protected. If your safe is malfunctioning, we are your tool to getting your business back up and running. Call us today.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Hardware

Commercial environments are very demanding on lock hardware. If you need tougher than residential or something to bring you up to ADA compliance, give us a call we are happy to help you out!

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